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Hypnosis itself is unlikely to provide a relief of symptoms, whatever those symptoms might be. It is the therapy – hypnotherapy – which is carried out within the hypnotised state that is important. It takes two entirely different forms. If you are living in or near Swansea, Llanelli or Carmarthen then you will find my treatments accessible and local to you. Based seconds from the M4 I am Based in Crosshands right next to KFC.

Suggestion Therapy

This form of treatment is ideal for helping to cope with such things as examination fears, driving test nerves, smoking, nail-biting, some weight-control problems, stress, and so on. The time for treatment is usually, between two and four sessions.

Analytical Therapy

This is used for the more deep-rooted problems. The technique aims to find and remove the underlying original cause of such things as irrational fears, emotional problems, relationship difficulties, psychosexual problems, lack of confidence, moodiness, sleeping difficulties, stuttering/stammering, anxiety, inferiority complex, unhappiness, phobias, etc. and most other problems where there is a psychological factor at work.

The treatment period will normally be between six and twelve weekly sessions and will usually produce a complete and lasting release from the symptom(s). It is a totally private and individual, one-to-one form of therapy.

You may rest assured that only the therapy that is right for you will be used. This ensures that you will not be prone to a substitute symptom. (That is, the possibility of switching from, say, Agoraphobia, to its opposite, Claustrophobia.)

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If the way you behave when you feel angry is causing you problems in your life or relationships, it’s worth thinking about ways you can choose to manage anger, by recognising and accepting anger problems, you can start to understand how to use anger in a safe and healthy way. During anger management therapy, you’ll learn how to pinpoint your frustrations early on, so they can be resolved in a way that allows you to express your needs, while remaining calm and in control… More>…

  • Depression
  • Anxiety & Panic Disorders
  • OCD
  • Past Life Regression
  • Phobias
  • Self Confidence
  • Stress

During the stress relief exercise you are guided through a closed-eye process of progressive mental and physical relaxation. You can be sitting in a comfortable position or lying down. I usually recommend sitting up so stay awake in a deep relaxed state.

Duration varies • £20.00
Why not indulge yourself in a session of Reiki to heal your physical to mend your emotional you. Reiki is suitable for all ages, it can help ease many ailments.

30 minutes • £20.00
Meditation can help relax your mind allowing you to lead a calmer life. Meditation can strengthen your mind body and soul connect with your inner self love you !, a calmer mind means a calmer you.

  • Duration varies • £295.00
  •  Hypnosis Taster Session If Required
  • Stop Smoking Session
  • Stop Smoking Top Up If Required
  • Online support via Skype, Facebook Or Messenger
  • Personal MP3 If Required
  • Phone Support

Duration varies • £75.00
A General non specific Hypnotherapy session for many different types of things from Fears & Phobias all the way up to Sports Confidence and Limiting Factor Removal

Hypnotherapy is often highly effective in dealing with pain management. In fact, people often undergo surgery and dental work using hypnosis as an anesthetic! Hypnosis techniques can be taught to you by your therapist to help you manage chronic pain as well as pain post-surgery. It has also been shown to reduce the post-operative recovery time on some surgical procedures.

  • Previous History
  • Enlisted Previous Numbers
  • Discussion with Clients

Research shows that hypnotherapy works well in particular with children who are undergoing chemotherapy. By using certain visualisations and stories children can be helped to manage their treatment in a gentle, empowering way.

Insomniacs generally respond very well to hypnosis. A Hypnotherapist can create a programme of personalised treatment that identifies your sleeping patterns and teaches you self-management techniques which make a big difference not just to how long you sleep but the quality of sleep you enjoy.

  • Relaxation Methods
  • Quality Sleep
  • Self Management

Research shows that hypnosis combined with cognitive behavioral therapy is the most effective treatment for insomnia.

Managing weight loss is one of the most effective results of hypnotherapy. Rather than just reducing calories that you are likely to put on again in the longer term, hypnosis gets you in touch with the reasons why you unconsciously eat. If you are the type of person that struggles to stop after a small piece of chocolate and feels compelled to finish the packet then a hypnotherapist can help you understand why and help you create new healthy self-management techniques.

As well as stopping compulsive eating, hypnosis can increase your motivation for exercise. It can also help you reduce portion sizes so you lose weight healthily, steadily and for the long term. Losing weight with hypnosis is essentially about teaching you to feel good about yourself, whatever size you are. It focuses on making healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

  • Over Eating
  • Diet Control
  • Lifestyle Changes

Beware of hypnotherapists offering amazing weight loss in one session! Hypnosis for weight loss is about changing lifelong negative habits around food and body image; the best results are often when committing to a programme of treatment.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, (IBS) is routinely treated with hypnosis, and is recommended as a treatment by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). Evidence shows that over 60% of people show a significant improvement in their symptoms. Some hospitals and GPs surgeries offer hypnotherapy as a treatment; you may also find you are eligible for treatment under your health plan.

  • Treatment 1
  • Relax, Renew and Revive
  • Medatation Methods

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Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis have also responded well to hypnosis. Treatment for skin conditions will often be focused on visualisations of the problem behind the problem – e.g. stress. You might then be taught self-hypnosis and other techniques for reducing this stress in your life.

  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • Rejuvenating Methods

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Are you struggling with reaching your potential in your chosen sport or pastime, do you have things holding you back ? Let me help you progress (this is my specialist interest) Lets Do IT Together ! !

  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • Rejuvenating Methods

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  • Reiki Healing
  • Relaxation
  • Stop Smoking


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